Music Of The Week

JR Aquino

He has been spreading his wings over youtube like many great artists and I discovered one of his amazing songs that I couldn't resist putting him on the music of the week section. :P

(Found on his Facebook page which is linked below)

This wonderful artist has been singing since he was small boy in Anchorage, and you sure can tell. His voice is almost perfected and his lyrics are amazing. It is good to see an artist starting out with so many of his own songs, (Yes, he does a fair few covers too but mostly are all originals)
He's more commonly known as JRA or djkeeno (recently changed to JRAquinomusic) and has an unbelievable amount of followers. His music is known as Pop, R&B and Soul and his acoustic image is definitely working for him. I'm currently in love with his song 'By Chance (You & I)' (Studio version available on iTunes as well as the acoustic, I just love acoustic songs so much better :) )
There isn't a lot of information on him right now but his popularity is steadily growing and I am sure we will hear a lot more from him so keep your eyes out.
Here is his Facebook page, Like what you hear? Support the sound :)
Here is his Youtube channel, click the subscribe button to get all the latest tunes from him :P

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