Sunday, 18 November 2012

Okay Guys... So this has been a long construction time. It has been extremely tough to get back on it :)
But we are back now and we are up for more fun, Craziness and plenty of music to keep you guys going.
So why don't we get this show on the road!
Should be plenty of interesting stuff catch up on from the past few months. If anyone wants to share I love hearing from people so come on don't be shy. Get Typing!!
Lots of Love From Music and Madness... We have missed you <3

Monday, 21 May 2012

Top Of The Charts Update

I realised when I went to do this weeks update that the numbers for last weeks chart was all in a jumble so sorry about that folks. But I assure you there is no cryptic level to this weeks chart :P
Another week gone by and as always some new songs enter our life, and the first one to enter is The Saturdays with '30 Days' coming in at number seven. Next D'banj with 'Oliver Twist' at number nine. shortly after a new favourite of mine is Scissor Sisters with 'Only The Horses' at number twelve, but hopefully that number will rise :P. Quite a few closer together at the lower end of the scale, Professor Green with 'Remedy' at number twenty seven, Skepta with 'Make Peace Not War' (Which always makes me want to sing the words 'Everybody Dance Now!' as soon as I hear the beginning) coming in at a close twenty nine. Then at thirty two Skrillex comes in with 'Bangerang' reminding me of a childhood favourite film 'Hook' :D
only one re-entry this week at number thirty, that is Coldplay & Rihanna teaming up to produce 'Princess Of China'.
Unfortunately again its time to say goodbye to a few songs, so take a moment to remember these. :P The Temper Trap with 'Sweet Disposition'John Legend with 'Ordinary People'Avicii with 'Silhouettes'Swedish House Mafia with 'Greyhound'Rizzle Kicks with 'Mama Do The Hump'Jessie J with 'Domino'Jason Mraz with 'I'm Yours', and finally Justin Bieber with his mother's day special 'Turn To You' after only one week in the charts.
Find out the full line up at the page above, or click here

Saturday, 19 May 2012

REVIEW: Paloma Faith - Fall To Grace CD

Her clever way of creating her music makes it hard to ignore as the tunes really get stuck in your head, prepare yourself with another dose with this album.

(I love her style :P this photo shoot looks like it was fun)

I have heard her songs so many times, and also heard of Paloma Faith herself but have never put the two together until this review. The songs she does are ones that instantly stick in your head, such as 'New York' and 'Upside Down' which I have had a lot of love for but never known who sung them.
This is now her second album, and this has a completely new sound. She even said the album had taken on a 'cinematic mood' and couldn't wait for it to be released to the public.
Her single 'Picking Up The Pieces' and is a very amazing song speaking about being with someone who is still getting over a previous relationship, it expresses real emotions and I'm in love with it.
There is also an acoustic version of 'Black And Blue' which was made available on Amazon as a download until the third of July 2012 (My nineteenth birthday :P) and this is also another good track.
Her album 'Fall To Grace' is due for release on 28th May 2012, but is available to pre-order on the link below. With this copy you even get a special polaroid photo for your enjoyment. :)
REVIEW: Tom Jones - Spirit In The Room CD

'It's not unusual' to have a little love for Tom Jones, so a lot of people will be thrilled to hear he has graced the studios again to give us another album.

(Everyone knows the face and music of this legend)

Well well well, up to his thirty ninth studio album, this man has definitely earned his rank in the music industry. 
The songs again have been kept under lock and key and he has not yet released a single from this album, but we know by now the standard the Tom Jones keeps up with. He will be sure not to let us down. Looking back at some of his most famous tracks; 'What's New Pussycat?' (Which I can't help but sing to my cats :P) 'Delilah', 'Green, Green Grass Of Home', 'She's A Lady' and 'Kiss' he is one of the artists that will follow for generations to come :P
The ablum 'Spirit In The Room' is due for release on the 21st May 2012, but you can pre-order it on the link below
REVIEW: Beach House - Bloom CD

They've been around since 2004 and have made a huge impression on many people's lives, will they make an impression on yours?

(Something quite special about this picture, it suits them well)

More commonly known as 'dream pop' because their music has a slow and memorising flow to it with rhythms that definitely relax you. The duo stick to the simplicity of their music and it makes it special, they only really tour with a drummer as their albums are all programmed with the drums.
This will be their fourth album and they are sure not to disappoint again and to wow on a much bigger scale. (Their first album especially wasn't publicized as much as what it should have been) They have grown and grown and now have turned into what we see today.
'Myth' was the single from the album, and it is amazing I have to say. They really out do themselves with their music. I read that they enjoyed the 'challenge' of creating music with just two people and I think the challenge has definitely succeeded in their case. 'Lazuli' was later released and is just as amazing as the first.
The Album took an impressive seven weeks to record in Texas, on of the duo's favourite places and was released in in early May receiving a lot of positive feedback. (Including myself now I have heard the album in all it's glory)
The album 'Bloom' is available to buy on the link below. Exclusive signed copy too for all those Beach House fans. :P

Thursday, 17 May 2012

REVIEW: John Mayer - Born And Raised CD

After three years John Mayer is back for another go of wow'ing us, and I think its a success.
(Looking rather dashing in this photo, very Vogue)

It's been too long since we heard from him last but this fifth album is said to be a real treat. Being the loosest one yet, it's been a tough ride for him to get this finished. He has been under the weather with Granulomas, causing many delays for his album. It just goes to show he gives so much for his music, as it is said that his 'inauthentic style' of singing is what caused the problem.
Finally the album was finished with his recovered voice (Although some of the before surgery work was used because the raspier voice sounded pretty awesome :P) and the first single was released in February called 'Shadow Days' and it is a truly amazing song. The lyrics are really strong and are enough to give hope to a lot of people out there. 
The track list has been released but the actual songs are under lock and key until the release date, but if this single is anything to go by then we are sure to have a definite winner. Unfortunately John Mayer has still not fully recovered and has had to cancel his tour dates until further notice so here is hoping that he gets better soon so we can hear more from him.
The album is due for release on 21st May 2012, but is available to pre-order on the link below.
REVIEW: Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour CD

New and rather different, they are back again.
(They look like a bit of a mix match but they sound great together)

It's taken them some time to come up with this one but it's worth the wait, It feels like they have had a re-vamp of their style with this album.
Two more have been released from the album at the moment: One that was debuted on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show in January called 'Shady Love' and the other that was release recently was 'Let's Have A Kiki' (which I could only find a live show for but if you have spotify it is on there :P) both of which sound pretty funky :P. The second one is especially unique and really really gets stuck in your head. This new album is definitely one to take with you if you are going on holiday soon to somewhere hot, it really hits the tropical atmosphere.
The single from the album is 'Only The Horses' and I was quite surprised because the first time I heard it I wouldn't have said this was Scissor Sisters, but its one of their songs that I really like through the first time of hearing it.
The album 'Magic Hour' is due out on 28th May 2012, but is available for pre-order now on the link below. This edition is exclusive as it is signed and you get the DVD too. :P Happy times.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Top Of The Charts Update

Another Week and again we have some good stuff going on here. :P
If you haven't already seen it Music and Madness have gone visual and have started up a Vlog on Youtube,  so check it out here and we would love for you to subscribe :D
Anyways, back to business: Another Number one this week, we have Rita Ora with 'RIP', Which I have loved for about a week now for the lyrics. Far East Movement are back at number seven with 'Live My Life' with a bit of Justin Bieber. Emili Sande is in at number twenty seven with 'My Kind Of Love'. Then shortly after we have Matrix + Futurebound with 'All I Know' shortly after at number twenty nine. At thirty four we have Labrinth with 'Express yourself' and he never disappoints :P. Oh and speaking of Justin Bieber, he has another song in the charts at number thirty nine called 'Turn To You'.
Only two re-entries this week, The Temper Trap with 'Sweet Disposition' at number twenty six and at number forty Jason Mraz is back with 'I'm Yours' (141 weeks in the chart, damn that's impressive)
Sub Focus with 'Out Of The Blue', Lana Del Rey with 'Blue Jeans' and Flux Pavilion with 'Daydreamer' have been dropped after only one week in the top forty but its not over until the fat lady sings so there is still time for them to return :P Also we lost Sway with 'Level Up', Usher with 'Climax', Jay Z & Kanye West with 'Paris' (Explicit version, just as a warning :P), James Vincent with 'Higher Love' and finally Olly Murs with 'Oh My Goodness'.
Music And Madness News!

Check it Out! Music and Madness has hit Youtube and decided to go Visual.
Now, not only will you be able to read about us, you can now watch us :P

First of many videos yet to come, Please Watch and subscribe. :)
(Bloopers included :P Sorry about the darkness, my light really needs changing. hehe)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Update Time

Okay so every now and then we will have a little update time where we look back on some of the new artists that have been reviewed or have been on the Music Of The Week Feature :P
Firstly we have Micture Project who have been working hard to get the ball rolling well, they have a new track on their Youtube channel called 'Prototype' which is definitely worth a listen to. (Check out their Channel too here). Also show your support for them, all you need is a Facebook account and you can vote for them everyday :) its as simple as that! They are currently ranking at number six but still need your help guys to stay in the top fifteen to be in with a chance for a one week tour with Red Bull! Get the word out and Vote Here
If you want to check out their Facebook page you can find it here.
Next we have JR Aquino taking the stand, a previous Music of the week feature (A permanent review post coming soon :P) with a few new videos including 'The Cuddle Song' featuring Timothy DeLaGhetto which might not be for you if you aren't too into the whole crude thing. It's not filthy but there is some suggestive stuff in there if you get me :P? Hope to see more from him soon, he has some quirky ways. (Find his facebook page here)
A good old favourite of the blog, :) Tyler Ward. He has had a few videos of his own up now, and they are more covers of some of the latests hits. Official video cover of Maroon 5's 'Payphone' featuring Katy McAllister and another good one, 'Both Of Us'.
More Updates coming soon so watch this space :P

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

REVIEW: Train - California 37 CD

Love this CD and I hope you guys do too.

(I love the style these guys seem to have :) )

Train have been going since 1994 and have made quite a name for themselves now. I think the main one that sticks out for them is 'Hey, Soul Sister'. I know that is the song that made me interested and then fall in love with their music.
Now, this CD has had mixed reviews so far. Some people are very pleased with their work and others feel its not up to scratch of their last one but I beg to differ (Although I may be a little biased due to the fact their catchy and upbeat alternative rock really appeals to me) but I feel as if this CD has kept up with the times but kept their original ideas from their original types of music and that takes a certain skill to keep that up.
Everyone knows their single from the album 'Drive By' and there are many more good songs from this album. Even though the songs may sound a little similar to other ones on the Album at first listen, if you listen closer they feel like they have more meaning to them and kind of take on an emotion of their own. I love songs that make you feel things and I definitely felt something listening to this.
You get the calm tunes like 'Feels Good At First' then the ones that stick out and feel a little Rockstar :P like 'California 37'.
My favourite from this Album has to be 'Bruises' featuring Ashley Monroe as I love not only the lyrics but the whole melody. (Got stuck in my head after listening to it five times :D)
This album is available for purchase now, so if you love Train hop aboard and get your copy on the link below (I know, my jokes are getting worse and worse lol)
REVIEW: Cancer Bats - Dead Set On Living CD & DVD

I'm never disappointed by Cancer Bats, and this time we get twice the Rock as we get to watch them too!

Living it Large again with their fourth album 'Dead Set On Living', and as always they have made a big entrance into their album. It is said to have a more upbeat feel to it, and I have to say after listening to it and then comparing it to their previous album 'Bears, Mayors, Scraps And Bones' I have to agree (If you want that album just click on the name and you can find out where to buy it :) ). The music behind it has such a better pace.
This band has an odd way of inspiration; rather than getting inspired from the classic metal bands they tend to get most of their muse from non-metal bands such as Fleet Foxes. They use this method to veer away from the traditions of Metal and make their own unique music style. Well it certainly is working for me :P
They are also hoping to play at least six different venues in London, UK to promote this new epic album so watch this space for more details on that. :P Cancer Bats may be coming to town.
'New World Alliance' is my favourite out of this lot, Its something about it that is very catchy and gets stuck in your head, but I love all of this CD.
This CD is available for purchase now, and if you want to buy it you can find it on the link below. A special treat too as this set has exclusive Badge set and DVD to watch them as well as listen. Aren't we lucky :P
Top Of The Charts Update

Well well well, lots of activity this week to make up for the lack of movement in the charts this week. We have some old and we have some new appearing in the top 40. (by the way folks, have you noticed how my Top of the Chart reviews always end up sounding like commentary for a horse race? Random Mad fact :P)
First off we will kick start with the newbies, and finally Carly Rae Jepsen has been kicked off of the number one spot and been replaced by Tulisa with 'Young' then shortly after Cover Drive is back with another single, and its bringing back some 'Sparks' too at number four. Little way down the charts Rihanna is making another appearance in the chart, this time with 'Where Have You Been?' at twenty one. Sub Focus have 'Out The Blue' closely following at Twenty three. Avicii making 'Silhouettes' in the charts at number twenty six. Lana Del Rey is coming back into the charts too with her 'Blue Jeans', yet another awesome song from her starting off at a respectable thirty two. Then last but not least, at thirty eight Flux Pavilion has 'Daydreamer' in the charts.
Only two re-entries this week but they are definitely worth it, James Vincent McMorrow with 'Higher Love' comes back at number thirty seven. Directly after at thirty eight, Train with 'Hey Soul Sister' which is one of my personal favourites and has always graced my playlist :P.
Lost quite a few this week, for starters we have Stereophonics with 'Dakota', The Script with 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved', The Fray with 'How To Save A Life', Kings Of Leon with 'Use Somebody', Linkin Park with 'Burn It Down', Kelly Clarkson with 'Stronger', LMFAO with 'Sorry For Party Rocking', Rihanna with 'We Found Love', and finally not forgettting a memorable tune given to us by Maroon 5 rocking it with 'Moves Like Jagger'.
If you want to see the full charts then check out the page above, Top of the charts. Links to all the new and the old :P