Tuesday, 8 May 2012

REVIEW: Cancer Bats - Dead Set On Living CD & DVD

I'm never disappointed by Cancer Bats, and this time we get twice the Rock as we get to watch them too!

Living it Large again with their fourth album 'Dead Set On Living', and as always they have made a big entrance into their album. It is said to have a more upbeat feel to it, and I have to say after listening to it and then comparing it to their previous album 'Bears, Mayors, Scraps And Bones' I have to agree (If you want that album just click on the name and you can find out where to buy it :) ). The music behind it has such a better pace.
This band has an odd way of inspiration; rather than getting inspired from the classic metal bands they tend to get most of their muse from non-metal bands such as Fleet Foxes. They use this method to veer away from the traditions of Metal and make their own unique music style. Well it certainly is working for me :P
They are also hoping to play at least six different venues in London, UK to promote this new epic album so watch this space for more details on that. :P Cancer Bats may be coming to town.
'New World Alliance' is my favourite out of this lot, Its something about it that is very catchy and gets stuck in your head, but I love all of this CD.
This CD is available for purchase now, and if you want to buy it you can find it on the link below. A special treat too as this set has exclusive Badge set and DVD to watch them as well as listen. Aren't we lucky :P

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