Thursday, 17 May 2012

REVIEW: John Mayer - Born And Raised CD

After three years John Mayer is back for another go of wow'ing us, and I think its a success.
(Looking rather dashing in this photo, very Vogue)

It's been too long since we heard from him last but this fifth album is said to be a real treat. Being the loosest one yet, it's been a tough ride for him to get this finished. He has been under the weather with Granulomas, causing many delays for his album. It just goes to show he gives so much for his music, as it is said that his 'inauthentic style' of singing is what caused the problem.
Finally the album was finished with his recovered voice (Although some of the before surgery work was used because the raspier voice sounded pretty awesome :P) and the first single was released in February called 'Shadow Days' and it is a truly amazing song. The lyrics are really strong and are enough to give hope to a lot of people out there. 
The track list has been released but the actual songs are under lock and key until the release date, but if this single is anything to go by then we are sure to have a definite winner. Unfortunately John Mayer has still not fully recovered and has had to cancel his tour dates until further notice so here is hoping that he gets better soon so we can hear more from him.
The album is due for release on 21st May 2012, but is available to pre-order on the link below.

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