Saturday, 12 May 2012

Update Time

Okay so every now and then we will have a little update time where we look back on some of the new artists that have been reviewed or have been on the Music Of The Week Feature :P
Firstly we have Micture Project who have been working hard to get the ball rolling well, they have a new track on their Youtube channel called 'Prototype' which is definitely worth a listen to. (Check out their Channel too here). Also show your support for them, all you need is a Facebook account and you can vote for them everyday :) its as simple as that! They are currently ranking at number six but still need your help guys to stay in the top fifteen to be in with a chance for a one week tour with Red Bull! Get the word out and Vote Here
If you want to check out their Facebook page you can find it here.
Next we have JR Aquino taking the stand, a previous Music of the week feature (A permanent review post coming soon :P) with a few new videos including 'The Cuddle Song' featuring Timothy DeLaGhetto which might not be for you if you aren't too into the whole crude thing. It's not filthy but there is some suggestive stuff in there if you get me :P? Hope to see more from him soon, he has some quirky ways. (Find his facebook page here)
A good old favourite of the blog, :) Tyler Ward. He has had a few videos of his own up now, and they are more covers of some of the latests hits. Official video cover of Maroon 5's 'Payphone' featuring Katy McAllister and another good one, 'Both Of Us'.
More Updates coming soon so watch this space :P

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