Saturday, 19 May 2012

REVIEW: Beach House - Bloom CD

They've been around since 2004 and have made a huge impression on many people's lives, will they make an impression on yours?

(Something quite special about this picture, it suits them well)

More commonly known as 'dream pop' because their music has a slow and memorising flow to it with rhythms that definitely relax you. The duo stick to the simplicity of their music and it makes it special, they only really tour with a drummer as their albums are all programmed with the drums.
This will be their fourth album and they are sure not to disappoint again and to wow on a much bigger scale. (Their first album especially wasn't publicized as much as what it should have been) They have grown and grown and now have turned into what we see today.
'Myth' was the single from the album, and it is amazing I have to say. They really out do themselves with their music. I read that they enjoyed the 'challenge' of creating music with just two people and I think the challenge has definitely succeeded in their case. 'Lazuli' was later released and is just as amazing as the first.
The Album took an impressive seven weeks to record in Texas, on of the duo's favourite places and was released in in early May receiving a lot of positive feedback. (Including myself now I have heard the album in all it's glory)
The album 'Bloom' is available to buy on the link below. Exclusive signed copy too for all those Beach House fans. :P

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