Tuesday, 8 May 2012

REVIEW: Train - California 37 CD

Love this CD and I hope you guys do too.

(I love the style these guys seem to have :) )

Train have been going since 1994 and have made quite a name for themselves now. I think the main one that sticks out for them is 'Hey, Soul Sister'. I know that is the song that made me interested and then fall in love with their music.
Now, this CD has had mixed reviews so far. Some people are very pleased with their work and others feel its not up to scratch of their last one but I beg to differ (Although I may be a little biased due to the fact their catchy and upbeat alternative rock really appeals to me) but I feel as if this CD has kept up with the times but kept their original ideas from their original types of music and that takes a certain skill to keep that up.
Everyone knows their single from the album 'Drive By' and there are many more good songs from this album. Even though the songs may sound a little similar to other ones on the Album at first listen, if you listen closer they feel like they have more meaning to them and kind of take on an emotion of their own. I love songs that make you feel things and I definitely felt something listening to this.
You get the calm tunes like 'Feels Good At First' then the ones that stick out and feel a little Rockstar :P like 'California 37'.
My favourite from this Album has to be 'Bruises' featuring Ashley Monroe as I love not only the lyrics but the whole melody. (Got stuck in my head after listening to it five times :D)
This album is available for purchase now, so if you love Train hop aboard and get your copy on the link below (I know, my jokes are getting worse and worse lol)

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