Thursday, 3 May 2012

REVIEW: Marina And The Diamonds - Electra Heart

Well we have all heard the song 'Primadonna', but will you enjoy the rest of the album?

(Very nice and basic black and white shot, I think those are the best)

Her indie pop style has really started to blossom with this latest album. (Her first being 'The Family Jewels' which was released in 2010 and also linked just incase you want to buy it :P)
Some of her songs are more rock style in my opinion; for example 'Bubblegum Bitch' which is very upbeat and quite powerful and 'Homewrecker' which has a very club beat to it and a rather unique way of being sung. On the other hand, we have the likes of 'Lies' and 'Teen Idle', Which are so much calmer. At the start of the songs you expect them to be like most pop songs, singing about love and nothing of real consistency but they are actually rather raw (If that's the right word to describe it, bearing in mind I haven't yet heard her previous album to compare to. Soon though :) ) One of my favourites from the album is 'Hypocrates',(which I can unfortunately just find a snippet of) but it just has a lovely melody to it and her voice really suits this song and as you go through the album it gets a lot calmer and starts to wind down.
Word of warning to anyone who is a bit funny with any swearing, yes she does swear through some of the songs so prepare yourself but if that's something that doesn't bother you then you should definitely think about checking this album out because it was completely different from what I expected and from listening to it she gained a new fan :).
Her Album 'Electra Heart' is available for purchase now and you can pick it up on the link below.

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