Saturday, 21 April 2012

REVIEW: Anathema - Weather Systems CD

Anathema isn't a band I have really heard a lot from, their earlier work was very death metal, but they developed so much since 1990.

(Very natural picture of the band, with )

I have listened to quite a few tracks off this album and I can't help but feel so relaxed. The song 'Internal Landscape' has so much meaning behind it, and the speech at the start really gets to you. It's rare that I find an album that you can really feel the emotion through but I believe this album really does it, and I have to really credit Anathema for the way they have put themselves into this album.
Its amazing to listen back to 'Serenades' which was their first album from 1993 and see the transformation from then to now, but they have done so well to transform an still make amazing music like 'Lightning Song', so quite and peaceful to hear. There are only nine songs on the album but it is really worth a listen and you know what they say; its quality not quantity.
The album 'Weather Systems' is available to buy now, if you wish to buy it you can find it on the link below.

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