Sunday, 8 April 2012

REVIEW: Keane - Strangeland CD

Never used to be that into their music, but this Album has changed my views completely

(Lovely Photo, and a lovely set of guys)

They said they have really pushed themselves this year to 'make the album amazing' and boy, have they done the job. I have known about Keane but they have never really made it into my CD collection, however that is all about to change with this new album as I believe it to be a must have.
This is their first full album since 2008 when they made 'Perfect Symmetry' and they wanted to make it a good one. I've listened to the trailer of the track (The link you can find below) and was impressed by it instantly. Their Alternative Rock style has a calmer feel and makes it sound so much more meaningful.
To see the trailer for this new album and see for yourself, click the link below
Their new album is due to be released on 7th May 2012, you can pre-order it on the link below.

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