Monday, 2 April 2012

Top Of The Charts Update

Okay, so I know I am a day late doing the review. I Updated the charts yesterday but was sooo tired. But here is the update as promised. :P
Got some goodies in the Charts this week, Chris Brown with 'Turn Up The Music' has knocked Katy Perry  off the number one spot this week. Coming in at number 6, Plan B with 'iLL Manors'. Olly Murs gets another song in the charts with 'Oh My Goodness' at number 28, and I love this song. Then two more, The Vaccines with 'If You Wanna' (Which I thought would have been in the charts sooner than now but better late than never :P) coming in at number 35. Then B.Traits with 'Fever' at number 36.
Lost some good ones this week too, Marcus Collins with 'Seven Nation Army', Pitbull with 'International Love', Rihanna with 'We Found Love', Florence + The Machines with 'Shake It Out', Dappy with 'Rockstar' and Tyga with 'Rack City'
I love having some new music each week, but doesn't mean we have to forget the older ones :P
If you want to check out the full Charts, click on the page above 'Top Of The Charts' or go to the link below

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