Sunday, 8 April 2012

REVIEW: Maverick Sabre - Lonely Are The Brave CD

Heard him on the radio but now he has his own album for you to enjoy.

(Think this is a rather simple but nice photo)
His new album was released in Februrary and so far doing quite well, for those of you who haven't got the CD yet, or if you haven't even heard of Maverick Sabre, you are in for a treat.
Many have probably heard his two great song successes so far, 'Let Me Go' and 'I Need', which are two quite different songs. I find Maverick has a very unique voice that you can recognize, and his music can take a few catagories; from Post-Dubstep to Reggae Fusion and Soul. His diversity in his music makes this album so interesting because we see many different styles all put onto one disc.
I rather like 'Open My Eyes' which you can also find on his new album.
If you want to order the album 'Lonely Are The Brave' here is where you can.

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