Saturday, 21 April 2012

REVIEW: Cover Drive - Bajan Style CD

One of the latest trend groups, with their first CD out.

(Casually covered in paint for a photo shoot)

We all know and love (Well I love at least :P) one of their hits 'Twilight' which was number one on the charts for four weeks :) as well as their other single 'Lick Ya Down' which also made it into the charts. Now we have more of the Cover Drive to look forward to.
Their new Single from the album is called 'Sparks' and is pretty awesome, typical R&B to Pop style but still a very catchy tune. (Something which Cover Drive seem to create very well with the songs they produce).
These four have done extremely well in such a short period of time and their music gives us tunes to dance around our rooms to, this CD is the ultimate feel good collection.
The album Bajan Style is out on 7th May 2012, if you want to pre-order it you can on the link below 

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