Monday, 9 April 2012

REVIEW: Jason Mraz - Love Is A Four Letter Word CD

Fourth album, and all the fans will be pleased with this one. :P

(Looks so laid back, and tasty :P)

Jason Mraz first appealed to me when I heard his probably most well known song 'I'm Yours', and I fell for his voice which is so soft. Now we have more of his voice to enjoy with his new album.
Some of you may have already heard the single from his latest album 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' which is called 'I Won't Give Up', which I find to be such a touching song. You find that with a lot of his work; that they have meaning behind them.
The original release date was originally the 8th May 2012, so lucky us for being able to get it earlier :P
The track list is now up and it won't be too long to wait until we can get this to listen to, we even have Inara George featuring on one of his tracks called 'Be Honest'.
The album 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' is due to be released on 16th April 2012, if you want to pre-order it you can on the link below

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