Tuesday, 17 April 2012

REVIEW: Micture Project Music

Okay guys so I know I have been kind of slack with the reviews but I'm back with plenty more for you.
Love it when you come across new music and they can be found anywhere, :) This band has a really good mixture of styles going on here.

(Picture from their Facebook page which is linked below)

Their influences range from the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Disturbed to Eminem which makes their sound appealing to many different people, and being a crossover band gives them their own unique twist. Starting back in 2009, they have really grown not only in numbers but in style too; developing their sound further to make it what is is today. They have a Youtube channel up and running which you should check out, get a feel for the music and have a Facebook page so you can show your support.
I love their song 'Rewind' right now (Click it to check out the tune :P)
Here is their Youtube channel where you can check out their work and subscribe for more updates
Like them on Facebook and share the love :)
Keep checking back, We hope to see this band go far.
You can even show your support by Rating them 5 stars to give them a shot at touring with 'Redbull', just click on the link below and click all five stars. :P its that easy

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