Tuesday, 6 March 2012

REVIEW: All-American Rejects - Kids In The Street CD

They've been quiet for way too long but no more :)
(said to be the best album yet by the boys :D)

Its about time these guys did another CD, after leaving us hanging for all this time The All-American Rejects themselves have said that this Album is their best one yet. Lets hope it will be worth the wait...
Most people have heard their most well known songs, 'Gives You Hell' and 'Dirty Little Secret'. Although we don't know the full track list its confirmed that 'Someday's gone' will be one of them, along with 'Beekeeper's Daughter' being the first Official Single release. If you haven't heard them yet check them out, they have definitely developed their music a lot more and these songs have more of a calmer edge.
Their CD is available for Pre-Order and will be released on 26th March

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