Monday, 5 March 2012

REVIEW: Marcus Collins - Marcus Collins CD

First CD review, and I thought I would pick Marcus Collins
(From the music video of his single 'Seven Nation Army)

He is just spreading his wings in the music industry so thought we would start off together. I have to admit, I haven't really known about him long and it was only by chance that I come across his single Seven Nation Army. A friend of mine (Tom, seeing as he wants to be named :P) text me asking if I knew the song he had heard on the radio and referred to him as the new Bruno Mars? So I had to check him out. I was pleasantly surprised and thought he also had a touch of Cee Lo Green's style too. But he is worth a listen if you like the Jazzy pop songs.
He has a new CD coming out on the 12th March of which his single is on, as well as some other good tracks.
Check it out and let me know your reviews too

Here's somewhere you can pre-order it :P


  1. wooooo am he first commenter :D

    1. Hello Anonymous, :P Although I am pretty sure I know who this is. Thanks for Checking it out and being the first one to comment. <3