Tuesday, 20 March 2012

REVIEW: Avery Music

At only seventeen this girl has gotten very far already.

(Rock Chick look, she definitely looks older than she is)

Okay, so she currently hasn't got a CD out but I love her songs she has at the moment, and this is yet another singer/song-writer who made her fame on Youtube. Her Pop Rock music has definitely struck a chord and helped her to get signed up with a major Record label (one of the youngest to be signed up with Universal Motown) 
She currently has two singles, 'Love me Or Let Me Go' and 'Go Screw Yourself (GSY)' which is my favourite. Also she has done a fantastic acoustic cover of 'Stereo Hearts'
Here is hoping she gets a CD out soon because I love her style, she reminds me of a new Avril Lavigne.
Here is the link to her single, 'Go Screw Yourself (GSY)'
And just because I love it so much, :) Here is her cover of 'Stereo Hearts'

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