Monday, 19 March 2012

REVIEW: King Charles - LoveBlood CD

I am now actually a little ashamed that I haven't heard of him before now, but browsing the new releases has it's advantages. Come across this guy and thought I'd check him out.

(Love the hair! Reminds me of a modern day Adam Ant)

His music is just so fun! This classic indie style is definitely the type of thing that you can imagine listening to on a bright sunny day. His style is a bit of a statement but that and his songs makes him 'an epic guy who is too cool for the Charts' (As he has been described) And let me tell you I agree. His music videos are so randomly formed that you just have to watch them, and I can't help seeing a resemblance to Adam Ant although their music styles do differ quite a lot. :P. I'd actually associate him more with Vampire Weekend.
He has been writing music since he was seventeen, and took on the name King Charles (His real name being  Charles Johnston) and is inspired greatly by Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander Bunker. He was originally in the band Adventure Playground, but is now going solo with his first Album. These old-school indie songs bring back some of the fun to music itself.
His album 'LoveBlood' will be due for release on 7th May 2012, Check out his singles 'LoveBlood', 'Mississippi Isabel' and 'Bam Bam'
Here is where you can pre-order his first CD

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