Wednesday, 14 March 2012

REVIEW: Jack White - Blunderbuss CD

Yes, another rock Review :P

(Gotta love the Coca-Cola)

Well Jack White has definitely done the rounds; being in 'White Stripes', then also a member of 'Raconteurs' and 'Dead Weather'. But now, for his first Solo Album. He was rated at number 17 on 'Rolling Stones, 100 greatest guitarists of all time' but do you think he has what it takes to stand alone on an entire album?
This isn't normally my sort of thing, his music has a very country style to it.. however I gave him the benefit of the doubt and had a listen to a few more of his songs and was surprised that I liked them... I think it is the guitar melodies that makes his songs so good.
His Album 'Blunderbuss' will be due for release on the 23rd April 2012, pre-order it on the link below

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